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About me

Hi I'm Štefan 👋

🗺️ Where I’m from

Prague, Czech Republic

🎢 What I like to do

🧗‍♂️I am sandstone climber.
Also Im co-founder of local climbing NPO “Spolek obrLEZke”. It is focused on learning kids how to climb safe and responsibly.
I like experimenting with personal development.
I'm interested in science generally and positive psychology, sociology, health and lifespan extension, ethics,...
I like good scifi and fantasy, Marvel filmography. My in-this-moment favorite book is fan fiction Harry Potter and Methods of racionality and my all-time favorite authors are Terry Pratchett adn Neal Stephenson.

❇️ How I learn

Im learning constantly about everything that catches my eye.
Text is often better than video.

🙋 Why I’m here

Always like to learn something new.
And of course I use Coda to organize almost all of obrLEZke things (from bookkeeping to climbing lessons and summer camp administration).
I wanna use Coda really effectively to save my time. So I could do less office work and climb more 😁.
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