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Update Program Information

I have some suggestions regarding the programs section. I want to group the programs underneath some high-level focuses. Then the individual programs would be subpages that fall underneath the focuses.
One example is the Disability Advocacy Focus, which includes programs for Eliminating Barriers, Use of Technology, and Advocacy.
Change “Programs” to Our Focus in the Main Navigation Bar
Remove the programs from here and instead list CMDCI focuses
Disability Advocacy ,Women Empowerment , Youth and Children Programs , Community Engagement

Disability Advocacy

Tag line - Improving the quality of life for Canadians with Disabilities from ethnocultural communities
Have the following as subpages
New Subpage - Advocacy Research and Academic Publications
CMDCI’s Zephania Matanga , Ph.D., along with Professor Rick Freeze, and other experts have co-authored a groundbreaking university textbook titled "Transformative-Inclusive-Education for Teacher Education."
The book provides an in-depth exploration of inclusive learning and is a must-read for all educators. What sets this textbook apart is that it is written from all voices within the education system, including parents and students' perspectives.
If you are an educator looking to deepen your understanding of inclusive learning, this book is for you. You can access it by visiting and clicking the "request a review copy" button.
Don't miss out on this valuable resource! #learning #CMDCI #disabilityinclusion

Women Empowerment

Tag line - Domestic Violence Awareness and Resources
Have the following as a subpage
New subpage - Culturally attune Gender based refugee centre.
CMDCI is currently working on creating a culturally attune Gender based refugee Centre. This Centre will continue to provide services to Persons with disabilities from ethnocultural communities.
New subpage- National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence Advocacy
CMDCI is proud to support The Canadian Women's Foundation and Women's Shelters Canada and other server providers in advocating for the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence
At CMDCI, we take pride in our support for The Canadian Women's Foundation, Women's Shelters Canada, and other service providers in their efforts to advocate for the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence.
The NAP is vital for addressing the escalating rates of gender-based violence in Canada, with systemic solutions needed for issues such as unequal support for survivors and inconsistent family law. It is crucial to ensure that protection for GBV survivors is not determined by location. These issues can be particularly impactful for disabled women from minority communities. The sector is eager to help make the NAP successful.
In March, we participated in NAP on the Hill and met with federal politicians to raise their awareness of the importance and urgency of the National Action Plan.
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Learn about the NAP here

Youth and Children Programs

Tag Line - Empowering Immigrant and Refugee Youth
Have the following as a subpage

Community Engagement

Tag line - Fostering Empowerment and Inclusion Through Multicultural Art and Music.
Have the following as a subpage (the values page and night page refer to the same program so these should be merged)

International Impact

Tag Line - Empowering Health and Hope in Zimbabwe
Have the following as a subpage

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