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NITK Investment group

A group for NITK Alums to learn and invest together
maneesh nath
Objective of the Investment Groups:
1. For KREC/NITK alumni to share, discuss and research new ideas/views/market insights/news, etc.
2. If there are any investment related Zoom meetings/events taking place, people can be informed easily, so if they like, they can participate.
Disclaimer: Information shared on KREC/NITK alumni groups is quite credible but to protect yourself from the stock market risks, kindly do your own due diligence.

How it all started
On 6th June 2021, we had a Zoom meeting to discuss Investment related Q&A for some KREC batch mates. This Zoom meeting link was also shared in other NITK groups so if someone was interested they could also participate.
That Investment Q&A session on Zoom was attended by 84 KREC/NITK alumni (from India and abroad) and as the existing 4 investment groups were full, people asked for a new group to be created to discuss new ideas, research and share information.
There is lot of interest among KREC/NITK alumni in the stock markets, investing, finance, etc. so 2000+ alumni have joined in these 10 new groups.
Special thanks to the NITK Alumni Association Bangalore Chapter Office bearers and crusaders Appanna Kotri Sir (started 100+ alumni related WhatsApp groups), Shashidhar Alabur Sir (one of the senior alumni behind the brand new NITK Alumni website) and seniors & juniors to create these new groups.
Thanks to Brahmanand Rangoli in Pune (who moderated the 6th June 2021 event),⁩ Vikas Verma, M. Krishnamurthy, Sumit Garg, Nisha Sarath, Gautam Roy, Satyendra Singh, Siddarth Gupta, Vipul Aggarwal, Nimish Mangal and few others for volunteering and help to create these 10 new investment groups.
Background of the alumni investment groups: There were 4 investment related NITK groups with lot of knowledgeable insights, ideas from KREC/NITK alumni who are high profile, full time senior fund management industry professionals and some part time seasoned investors with decades of experience. As these 4 groups were full so to accommodate 2000+ members, 10 groups were created.
NRI investment group was created specifically for Overseas alumni -
Information Flow across the investment groups: Some key members should be in all of these 10 new investment groups so a consistent information flow could take place and everyone benefits and is up to date with any activities taking place. This webpage would also become a central place by disseminating the information across all the alumni folks. And moderated by key members.
Maneesh Nath
NITK BE 2000 Mech

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