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GreyAtom's Data Science Student Learning Pack

We have packed everything that you will ever need.You are about to begin one of the most exciting journeys in your life, and everyone at GreyAtom is eager to help you succeed.

How to use this doc:

We have segregated all the resources in to 3 styles of learning.
Data Science Courses
Data Science Video Lectures
Data Science Ebooks

You can navigate through pages to find links to get access to your resources. In the Data Science course section you will find link to join all the courses. Please treat this document as a point to access your resources. You can bookmark the page on your browser to keep it handy.

Next Steps:

Get access to all the resources from above
Build a daily schedule with at least 1.5hrs dedicated to learning
Join your peers and other Data Science professionals” Here -
Interact in the community, learn and share your learnings
Share this with your friends and fellow Data Science learners -
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