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Step-by-step Guide to Canvas Cells with Auto-Filtering

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How-to-guide, Step by Step to Canvas Cells with Auto-Filter

Create a Master Table “Projects”,
In this table, add a column, type Canvas, title it “Project Briefs and Tasks”.
Create a Table “Tasks”,
adding a lookup column to Projects, thus linking the two tables
Create a sub-page, title it “Project Template”,
This will be the content that will appear in the Master Table “Projects”, in the canvas column “Project Briefs and Tasks”.
Now, set up the Project Template page with all the information you’ll want the team to discuss during the weekly Project Review.
On the Template Page, create a view to the task table. Note: Do not set a filter here (as you will not be able to access “parentrow” from this template page).
I’ve created a sample template page for this here
Head back to the page where your Master Table “Projects” resides, ie .
Create a new table, title it “Projects - Template”. This table has two columns:
“Name” (text) and “Notes” (Canvas)
This table will only ever have one row, as the sole purpose of this table is to store the Projects template page and to allow us to pre-set a filter to filter the tasks as per the parentrow.
Hence, we will insert one row, the name will be “Project Template”, and the value for new roles (also applied to the one currently blank row) will be the page “Project Template”.
Within the canvas cell of the table “Projects - Template”, on the view of the table “All tasks”, we will set the filter to say “Project Name.contains(parentrow)”
For now, this will return zero results, as in the table “Projects - Template”, the parentrow in this case is “Project Template”, and there is no Project by that name. But, the purpose will soon become clear.
On the page where your Master Table “Projects” resides, ie , access the master table “Projects”, and open the Canvas options for the column “Project Briefs and Tasks” (which, as per Step 1 above, is a canvas column).
Now, instead of choosing a template PAGE as the value for new roles, we are instead referencing the newly created TABLE for project template. As you remember, on said table, we already set the filter to “equals parent row”. Hence, this filter will now also apply to this column in the master table “Projects”.
Each of our projects in the master table “Projects”, will therefore display in the “Project Briefs and Task” only those tasks that correspond to that records’ project name.

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