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(Days 10-14) Outline

Social media.... social media is a big part of everyone's lives whether some people claim it or some people don't everyone one uses it somehow in their everyday life. So, I put together some question I thought would be helpful for some people. The first question I had was “What year had the most views on YouTube?” And the answer I got was 2018. 2018 had 84,227,767,942 which was way more than 2017. 2017 had 12,444,007,210.


Another question I had was “Where are most social media stars located?” and the answers that were given to me is united states. My source told me that 144,458,700 people are Authentify engaged in the United States. My source also told me the engagement avg is 212,372,600 and another region that's close to United States is Indonesia with the number of 96,871,600 people that's engaged.
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“How many followers do models get?” well the answer is 399,800,000 which is a shock for me because I would've thought the would've had more than that because mostly now all I see on platforms is modeling or ppl who want to get into modeling. However, 7,706,700 people are authentic engaged and 10,940,000 is the engaged avg so it's a lot of people for the modeling community but I'm pretty sure the community grows every day and gets more followers every day.

A question I wanted the answer to be “what are music artist ranks?” The answer I got is the sum of all the music artist is 75,750 and that's for all music artist combined and that's a lot compared to other categories. some of the the artist with the most ranks are 333cyj333, agnezmo, anyageraldine, ateez_offical_ just to name a few.

And the last question I wanted answers to be “who gets the most attention in the modeling community?” And my answer to that's question is bellahaddid she has 49,100,000 people who follow her which is a lot compared to the other models who are in her category. But there is someone who is close to her, and their name is kritisanon she has a following of 45,900,000 which is kind of close to bellahaddid following. and with all of the modeling people followers together is 399,800,00. but this is my article for social media and how I feel about it with questions I wanted to answer.

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