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Self-intro & Prelude

Nya-hallo~I am GM, Stanford class of 2023 majoring in Management Sci & Engineering. Currently I am working with , an early-stage-focusing venture capital, and is a member of the crypto team. Should you know anyone interesting (literally anyone, not just founder), please dm me!
Wechat: galahad_jym
Twitter: @0xmaiwaifu
Tg: @JiayuMai
Medium: I write about crypto so please subscribe <33
If you know what is, I am one of its earliest users. My fav musical artists are Zutomayo (, , , ), Yoasobi (), Milet (), Aimer (). If you also have some love for my waifuwus🤤🤤, join me in supporting them! I am not bullish on music NFT tho ngl.
This document is my study and work notebook. However, most of the time I will update organized knowledge into . If you want to learn about crypto & blockchain from the very beginning, please head over. The rest of this notebook contains stuff that aren’t suitable for Enzo Notebook but deemed by me as equally important (yet hard to organize). If interested dm me for discussion
and are probably the cores of this notebook. The previous one has good channels for finding alpha; I recommend trying them all out and focusing on two to three channels, because you just can’t capture everything. The lateral contains interesting arguments/articles and stuff worthy of reviewing (thread, articles, etc). If you find something worthy of appending, please dm me and I will quote you. Thank you!
contains interesting projects I saw. Some I did notes, some did not
are fundraise digests (not exhaustive for each period, as I only recorded things that concerned my attention. dam that sounds elitist)
will be a slow update. Contents put under this section are high-level summary/thinking that I am both free and determined to write out. Sometimes I will put some segment mapping as well.
I enjoy talking with people, so if you are interested in VC🤑, Web3⛓, life philosophy🗿, cooking🍱, dating🥰 & love👩‍❤️‍👨, feeling sad🥺 and need someone to talk to/listen to you💪, or simply anything, come find me <333
Good luck!
Jan 12 2022

哈咯大家好,我是Galahad Mai麦家宇,斯坦福2023届Management Sci & Engineering,目前在真格基金ZhenFund做analyst。如果有认识有趣的人(任何人,不只是创业者),欢迎dm我 :3
我的微信: galahad_jym
我是B站最早期用户之一,老二次元,单推真夜中 (, , , ),Yoasobi (),Milet(), Aimer()。欢迎一起吹老婆们唱歌好听颜好看🤤嘿嘿,小小的软软的香香的
虽然这个文档是我个人的Web3学习和VC工作笔记,但实际上更多的时候我会将梳理好的知识点update到这个地方,所以如果你想从基础学起请去那里。这个coda notebook剩余的部分更多是一些不适合放到Enzo笔记本,但我认为同样重要却不好整理的东西。感兴趣的话也可以skim和交流
and 算是这个笔记本比较核心的部分。前者是一些挺好用的寻找alpha的工具,后者是我看到过的很有复习意义/argument很有意思的资料、twit thread、文章、etc。对于Crypto Alpha,我推荐你每个都试用一下,找到你最喜欢的两三个渠道持续关注就好,因为其实看不过来的。Archive我会持续更新,如果你看到了十分有意思的thread,请dm我,我会append上去并注明你。谢谢啦!
的更新会十分的缓慢。进入这里的内容就都是我有空&下定了决心去写的high level总结了;偶尔做一些segment mapping也会放在这。
Jan 12 2022

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