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21 Sept, 2021
Thought I’d add a quick update - I’m on my third day of the Treehouse Tech Degree, and I’m really impressed and enjoying myself. I started out in front end development before moving into marketing many (many) years ago - back in the dark ages before accessibility, before Chrome, definitely before Google Analytics and Adwords had launched, so yeah - a long time ago! We were building sites using HTML tables back then as CSS wasn’t supported by Internet Explorer (the main browser used at the time) and we would dream of a time when simple things like full style sheets support was standard.
I have tried to stay involved with development on and off, but wow - just in the last few days I’ve already learnt so much and how massively things have changed, i hadn’t even heard of ‘Markdown’ so even this little development blew me away. I’m really looking forward to continuing on this course and learning a lot more, this really is an exciting time to be learning web development and coding 😀.
Yesterday I spent time with a quick introduction to Github, and today I have spent most of my day learning about CODA (the app that this is built in). Its a great tool, and fascinating as well as really easy to use. I can certainly see how much better it is having a resource like this to keep and share all your documents and work as well as being able to share and get feedback from your colleagues all in one place - so much better than having lots of different documents saved all over the place!
21 Sept, 2021
I’m excited to dive into learning programming at Treehouse. My first course is , where I’ll learn the essentials of HTML the basic key front end web development language.
Here is a little more about the course, if your’re curious.

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