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Cancro | Performance Marketing
Cancro | Performance Marketing

Upcoming Plan

Website / Landing Page
Clear bottlenecks and implement solutions as described on
Add an chatbot on the website to greet customers, and maybe collect data in lieu of a knowledge-book about deuterium depletion. This will also enable us to target these customers with a completely different ad campaign & also kickstart our WhatsApp campaign. Look towards email marketing list building on this as well.
With the newer audience generated, move away from brand awareness ads and move to multiple campaigns each serving a different purpose, viz., Retargeting ads, Frequency ads along with brand awareness & ads leading to social profile (need clarity when to start ads for social)
Add social reviews on the product page. We need to start showing social proof on the product page. Request social team if they have footages, or pictures which can be posted on the website as testimonials/reviews.
Build new creatives; coordinate with social team over the copy used in ads.
Optimize for CPC to fall under INR 1. (Currently at 1.53, goal at 0.60)
Discuss demographic if changes required. Currently running ads at Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad for people who prefer high value good and are into fitness.

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