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Cancro | Performance Marketing
Cancro | Performance Marketing

Bottlenecks & Improvements

It’s clear users landing and consuming content are reluctant to buy. We believe there’s more communication or clearer communication required to persuade the purchase.
We need to quickly finalize a clear set of USPs to showcase on the website to persuade user’s first purchase.
The drop from 1.5K users consuming content till the end of home page but only 28% navigating to a different page raises the question of home page not being enough. We either need to shorten the home page or add product information relevant to the current offering.
Similarly, there is a drop in product page where cart addition isn’t happening. Only 7% adding to cart from product page is a critical concern.

Things being implemented immediately
Product page changed with more USP components. Idea is to pull something from a different page and implement here.
Implementation of a content module which very clearly mentions the advantages to expect with Deuterium Depletion. This content module to be more bite-size consumable rather than detailed.
OTP verification to move to checkout page. When the user adds a product to cart, they are immediately moved to a password-less OTP page where they verify their number to move ahead.
Make advert landing pages busier.
More pointers to be added once feasibility is clear.

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