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About this Business Execute Summary template

Streamline the process to show your startup to investors and stakeholders.
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Why this template?

For entrepreneurs, we sometimes need to design one-pager or executive summary of our business to show it to investors and stakeholders. This template streamlines that process so you can show your startup to everyone, including receiving feedback in the document itself.

How can it help you?

You can add the vision, the problem you want to solve, the solution you propose, include your differentiating factor, the competition, the funds you are looking for and much more, in a simple way in a few minutes.

In addition, you can directly receive feedback from those who review your executive summary, both in some sections (such as the vision, the problem, or solution), as well as in the whole document. With this, you will be able to iterate on your proposal directly and expedite the best ones to reach funds and achieve your goals.

How does this template work?

Just copy this template using the "Copy this doc" button both at the beginning and at the end of the template and adjust it according to your own information or add what you see fit.
The sections of this template are:
Our vision: Add the vision of your business, it is the key part to attract the attention of your stakeholders and keep them reading the rest of the document. In this section you can receive feedback from those who view the document.
Problem: Your startup solves the problem, describes it in all its magnitude. In this section you can receive feedback from those who view the document.
Solution: Describe your startup and your solution, including the features and technologies they use. In this section you can receive feedback from those who view the document.
Why us?: Describe why your startup is better at solving the problem and getting interest from stakeholders.
Competitors: Mention your main competitors.
Business model: Describe your entire business model, how you plan to make money.
Team: Provide some information about your team, including the founding team.
Status and future: Talk about the stage of your startup and what you are looking for in the future if you receive financing.
Fundraising: Indicate the funds you want to raise, the type of round and the valuation.
Invitation to invest: Add contact information for potential investors to contact for your startup.
Feedback: Receive feedback on your proposal, comments and rating.

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