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Dear Navaneetha Krishnan,
Thanks for taking the time to apply with us for the Product Manager position. As discussed attached is the assignment along with our company profile.

Case Study - Assignment :

Case Objective: PYT has a custom CRM called Plato built in house. This is like the central nervous system of the organisation covering all the transactional information about customers. Plato has role based logins and access to information for the respective teams to function efficiently. As a product manager, if you have to come up with a homepage redesign for the following roles:

Travel consultant (Sales team)
Sales Manager ( managing a team of travel consultants)
Role description of travel consultants and Sales manager: Pickyourtrail is India's first online vacation booking platform where you can customize, price and book a hassle free vacation. Customers who sign up on our platform are the leads for the travel consultant. Their primary role is as follows:

Speak to the customer within 30 mins when they register on our platform.
Send out personalized itinerary as discussed with the customers
Collaboratively get the customers to finalise an itinerary and make payment.
The sales manager's key role is to manage the team of travel consultants, influence their conversion %, and ensure all the important KPIs are achieved.

Questions to Solve:By role, each travel consultant/sales manager has a custom homepage when they login to our CRM. How will you build the homepage to influence the following:
Prioritisation of information
Access to right information for improved productivity
Intelligence to evaluate their performance
We would like to see the wireframes and possible user story to understand why you have taken the particular approach.

Assistance available: You can reach out to Prashanth (CRM product manager) over whatsapp (9884537217) for the following:
If you need to ask any questions which will help you form your assumptions
Need an explanation on the role description

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