Text to Animation Phase 2

Big Module:
New Talking Head Template
Script to video
URL to Video
Different Format options
Custom video Duration for Enterprise Customer upto 20mins (200 scene)
New template Categories Collection
Chatgpt 4 -turbo -16K token (new knowledge upto April 2023)
New Voice Collection
Multi language prompt to script
Add New asset and Action character

Script edit option
User Feedback card
Text to animation card in Dynamic Template page
Multi language support
Audio disable option
Scene Regenerate

Metrics needed to Trace for adoption and improvement:
Prompt to Advanced edit drop
Avg no of Video created by person
No of video created vs Download ratio
Feature adoption rate
Breadth of adoption
Average Customer Satisfied Score

Common metrics to help measure social media ROI include:
New followers
Click-through rates
Completed lead generation forms
Time to post, cost of post
Downloaded files (e.g. eBook, whitepaper)
shares, likes, and brand mentions

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