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Photographic Prompt


#1. Warm portrait: portrait of a pretty blonde woman, a flower crown, earthy makeup, flowing maxi dress with colorful patterns and fringe, a sunset or nature scene, green and gold color scheme
#2. Old man portrait: photorealistic, visionary portrait of a dignified older man with weather-worn features, digitally enhanced, high contrast, chiaroscuro lighting technique, intimate, close-up, detailed, steady gaze, rendered in sepia tones, evoking rembrandt, timeless, expressive, highly detailed, sharp focus, high resolution
#3. Interior: a living room, bright modern Scandinavian style house, large windows, magazine photoshoot, 8k, studio lighting
#4. Closeup portrait: closeup portrait photo of beautiful goth woman, makeup, 8k uhd, high quality, dramatic, cinematic
#5. Animal photo: close up photo of a rabbit, forest in spring, haze, halation, bloom, dramatic atmosphere, centred, rule of thirds, 200mm 1.4f macro shot
#6. Kodak portrait: happy indian girl, portrait photography, beautiful, morning sunlight, smooth light, shot on kodak portra 200, film grain, nostalgic mood
#7. Luxury product: breathtaking shot of a bag, luxury product style, elegant, sophisticated, high-end, luxurious, professional, highly detailed
#8. Noir: johnny depp photo portrait, film noir style, monochrome, high contrast, dramatic shadows, 1940s style, mysterious, cinematic
#9. Animal photo: a cat under the snow with blue eyes, covered by snow, cinematic style, medium shot, professional photo, animal
#10. Long exposure: long exposure photo of tokyo street, blurred motion, streaks of light, surreal, dreamy, ghosting effect, highly detailed
#11. Cyberpunk photoshoot: a glamorous digital magazine photoshoot, a fashionable model wearing avant-garde clothing, set in a futuristic cyberpunk roof-top environment, with a neon-lit city background, intricate high fashion details, backlit by vibrant city glow, Vogue fashion photography
#12. Drink photography: freshly made hot floral tea in glass kettle on the table, angled shot, midday warm, Nikon D850 105mm, close-up
#13. Happy portrait: masterpiece, best quality, girl, collarbone, wavy hair, looking at viewer, blurry foreground, upper body, necklace, contemporary, plain pants, intricate, print, pattern, ponytail, freckles, red hair, dappled sunlight, smile, happy

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