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CS Interview Preparation(MU)

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Technical Interview Preparation Guide for Computer Science Majors


Welcome to the Technical Interview Preparation Guide curated specifically for Computer Science majors at Minerva University. Technical interviews are a crucial component of the hiring process in the software engineering world. They evaluate a candidate's problem-solving skills, coding proficiency, and understanding of core computer science concepts. This guide aims to provide you with a structured path to effectively prepare for technical interviews. Whether you are beginning your journey in understanding basic algorithms and data structures or are looking to sharpen your problem-solving skills, this guide offers a plethora of resources to aid you in your preparation.


Before diving into technical interview preparation, it's essential to assess your current understanding and capabilities in key areas. Here's a self-assessment checklist to help you gauge your readiness:
Data Structures: Do you have a good understanding of basic data structures like arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, and hash tables?
Algorithms: Are you comfortable with sorting algorithms, searching algorithms, and basic graph algorithms?
Coding Proficiency: Can you comfortably write bug-free code in at least one programming language?
Problem-Solving Skills: Are you able to approach a problem systematically and come up with an efficient solution?
Interviewing: Can you comfortably and fluently explain your thought process to your interviewer in a convincing way using frameworks?
Based on your self-assessment, you can decide whether to reinforce your foundational knowledge or move on to practicing coding problems. Remember, having a solid foundation is crucial for succeeding in technical interviews.

Foundation Building

A strong foundation in data structures and algorithms is the bedrock of successful technical interview performance. Here are some resources to build or reinforce your foundation:
Online Tutorials and Articles:
: A comprehensive platform offering tutorials on a wide range of computer science topics.
: This specialization provides an in-depth understanding of the most fundamental algorithms and data structures.
: A series of courses designed to deepen your understanding of algorithm fundamentals.
: This classic textbook covers a wide range of algorithms in depth and main textbook for CS110.
: An intuitive introduction to data structures and algorithms, with practical implementations.
I organized these resources to cater for different learning preferences. Whether you prefer learning through interactive online platforms or traditional textbooks, these resources provide a robust foundation for your technical interview preparation journey.

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