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Candidate "Who" Interviews App

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Nathaniel Daudrich

🤝 A quick introduction

Welcome to the “Who” interview Coda for managers looking get a more profound insight in candidates. Special thanks to Seelk’s Co-founder and CTO Benjamin Pipat for introducing me to the concept. I decided to take what he’d already developed, add a bit of logic and a relation dimension.
The result is a simple doc that can be duplicated and used to keep track of various interviews comparing candidates with colleagues and other stakeholders.

🏗 How is this Coda structured?

Below are the building blocks of this doc. You can either click the button or use the individual tables to prepare and later build out your doc.

Add Position

The is simple the role that you are interviewing candidates for. As you can gather from the structure of the document, you can build out as many as you like.

Add Themes

There will be several themes you may want to explore during an interview. In this doc themes are associated with and the given by the candidate.

Add Candidate

This table is simply the first name & last name of your candidate!

Add Question

This is the table in which you build the question you will be asking during the interview process. You can organise your questions by simply by selecting them from the “themes” column and or adding extra themes as you go along

Add Work Experience

To this table you can simply add your candidates latest work or education experiences in order to give some context.

Add Answer

This section is the meat and bones of the document. To properly use the table, create a row and select a specific question. This is precisely the question you’ll ask to the candidate and then fill in the “answer” column with their answer.

Add Strength

Ideally you should use the table after having interviewed the candidate and begun analysing their core strengths versus the inherent risk associated with their profile.

Add Risk

Risks in this case can also be considere “weaknesses”. As with the table, the interviewer should add to the table only after they have completed the interview and get a global idea of the candidates strengths and weaknesses.

This table is used in the to give an overview of the interview, in particular the “Recommendation” column which is a thumbs up from 1 to 5 (5 meaning “hire immediately with a signing bonus 😂).
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