Photography Schedule
Plan photo shoots with weather information ☀️ and text reminders to clients
Nathan Penner
Are you a photographer 📷, or do you manage another business impacted by the weather 🌧? This doc automatically pulls in the weather forecast for upcoming events and allows you to directly text clients a reminder through the Twilio Pack.

This is a Coda doc.

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...but are as powerful as an app.

For example, you can pull in real-time weather 🌦 data for anywhere in the world, right into your Coda doc.

Replace the city below with the name of a city you'd like to visit👇
Charleston, SC
There are no rows in this table
Here's the current weather in
@Charleston, SC
Charleston, SC
Temperature (F)

And here's a 3-day forecast:

Try hovering over each forecast to see more information

Forecast Tomorrow
Forecast 2 days
Forecast 3 days
Charleston, SC
Partly sunny w/ showers
There are no rows in this table
Cool, right? 😀

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from a Coda doc.