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Grocery List

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About Grocery List

A collaborative family grocery list that auto-pulls images from Wikipedia.
I wasn't happy with the grocery list apps I've tried so I thought I'd try building one in Coda. My main needs were: keep it simple, make it visual, and allow other family members to collaborate on it.


Visual grocery list (the doc pulls images from wikipedia)
Check items off by swiping
View your grocery history and easily add common items to your list
Share the doc with your friends or family so they can add items too

Adapt the doc

This doc works on desktop too. You can go to and use Coda's building blocks to fully customize or extend the doc. Some examples:
Add multiple lists (i.e. Costco list, CVS list, etc.)
Set up an automation so that particular items come back on your list after a certain time period
Make it a collaborative list where different people can be assigned items (i.e. stuff people should bring to camping trip)
If you are really ambitious, track recipes and their ingredients too!

Ready to get started? Head to

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