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Panel Presentation Development Guide

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KM Presentation Development Guide

A support resource for developing knowledge mobilization presentations as a advocacy researcher


As a researcher and change advocate, designing and communicating a powerful strategic message that distills your data can feel like an overwhelming challenge! This is all the more true, when you know that you have limited time, and so much you could say about both your work and the movement you are creating.
But not to worry! This isn’t as bad as it sounds. Knowledge mobilization (KM) can be one of the most exciting phases of your project. As you prepare to share at upcoming panels and virtual engagements we’re here and we want to help you create a powerful and effective message - one that anchors deep in your audience’ psyche and drives action.
We’ve developed this guide to lead you through a step by step method to create and refine your message. Once you’ve completed the steps below, you will not only have a clear presentation approach (and be ready to deliver it), you’ll also have a strong foundation for communicating your message as a leader going forward.
To guide you, we’ve developed a six stage process. Here’s a brief overview:

1. Define

In the first stage we’ll help you define your direction as well as clarify the context and guiding parameters that will lead you when you develop and design your communication content for the panel.

2. Frame

In the second stage we’ll guide you through a thinking process to help you frame the key parts of your communication and identify important points you may want to include.

3. Generate

In the third stage we’ll help you to generate draft content for your key points. You’ll generate a lot of material here, most of which will be edited out in the following stages.

4. Integrate

In the fourth stage we’ll help you integrate and distill the content you’ve generated to surface and build the best parts.

5. Refine

In the fifth stage we’ll help deeply refine your communication till it expresses your vision within the parameters of the panel.

6. Stage

Finally in the sixth stage, we’ll help you prepare yourself and your materials to deliver this communication with confidence.
We are so excited for you take your leadership communication to the next level and build your movement, and we’re here for you every step of the way. As you move through the process, please reach out and touch base with us to ! Let us know where you feel resistance and what you’re learning as you push through.
This is your mission, but you’re not alone.

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