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Puppy Example Template

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馃憢 Hi! I鈥檓 Puppy Puppers

brown long coated small dog
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Cute puppy passionate about yummy food and long hikes with 5+ months of experience of cuddles, playing catch, and being the all-around best friend you can ask for!
Where I鈥檓 based:
馃搷 San Francisco Bay Area

馃惗 Experience

Professional best friend at
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馃帗 Education

Puppy Training School (January-April 2022) 鈥 San Francisco, CA

馃幘 My Tennis Balls

(aka projects)
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馃弳 Honors and Awards

Most Improved Puppy in puppy training school (2022)

馃摎 Courses

SIT 101 - Basic Commands
ROLL 201 - Intermediate Tricks

馃棧 Languages

Barking 鈥 fluent
English 鈥 elementary

馃幆 Skills

Shake hands
Fetches balls

馃挄 Other Interests


Other places you can find me

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