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Tonawanda Neighborhood Watch

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Tonawanda Neighborhood Watch

Improving our commUNITY
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The NW
CommUNITY Outreach Program

Mission Statement

We are unifying our commUNITY through the common denominator of crime prevention and safety. The safety and wellbeing of our citizens is our primary focus.
Then in the process of starting the NW the riots happened in Buffalo and I said to the team, we gotta do something to shine light in our neighborhood. It was a hard time for everyone. And now with Winter approaching during COVID I want to build everyone's spirits up a little and give them some good healthy tips. ANYWAY,

The Love Project

We honored 7 different PD's and 9 different Fire Departments. This inspired the commUNITY outreach program through. Our big focus is strengthening and establishing a neighborhood and commUNITY. There are so many aspects to building a commUNITY and we wanted to focus on all of them, because in some way they all affect us. "The Love Project". So the love project basically shows "love" where it's needed. The CommUNITY Outreach Org is doing a beautification project for the Rails to Trails Bike Path in TOT.
We are working on phase one of a very long project. We have been cleaning out the garden beds along the path, planting perennials, and putting down fresh soil and mulch, cleaning up benches, and weeding, picking up trash.

Kindness Rocks Garden

The Love Project will have a rock garden built along the trail where people can bring their painted rocks to leave a rock and or take a rock. We are calling it the "kindness Rocks Garden" by the love project.
For the commUNITY outreach organization these are the communities that we would love to help support and reach out to see how we can be of service and what their needs are. We plan to create an official non-profit organization in the near future. Please reach out to us if you can assist us in our mission.


Domestic Violence
Drug/Alcohol Recovery
Active Military
Mental Health Awareness
Youth Development
Neighborhood Gatherings/Special Events

Neighborhood Watch MIssions

Crime Prevention
Disaster/EMR Preparedness
First Aid
Beautification Projects
Neighborhood Gatherings/Special Events
Training and certifications for restorative justice and crime prevention through environmental design


Automatic Update Alerts

Facebook Page

We have a facebook page and an instagram account and we are on nextdoor a little bit.

We are currently seeking partnerships and sponsors as well for all groups and missions.

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