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Welcome to my coaching and product development practice.

Welcome to the coaching and product page for Michael Nagle.


My offerings span product development, 1:1 coaching, and group facilitation.
I came to this offering after several years of leading product research and development. I found the standard customer feedback loop was the first thing to get working for a team, but that loop lived inside of the bigger feedback loop of the personal and cultural development of the team. I found to do my best work I needed to do both.
The concrete business work keeps things concrete, grounded, and relevant, and individual coaching and group facilitation, as needed, gives the work staying power and depth.
Leaders and teams work with me when they have something novel, brave, courageous, or inventive they are working on. I have worked with teams in mental health, trauma survivorship, tools for thought, and climate change.
Sometimes individuals and teams are drawn to me because they know what they need. Sometimes it’s more of a call, not yet formed or explicit, but a gnawing that something is not quite right about how they are working. Either a sense that they will not be able to hit upcoming business goals, or in response to the increasingly chaotic times. I welcome all of it.
Fundamentally I believe the act of creation in the world is a developmental path. I believe the two core tools for growing as a leader are thinking with increased business complexity and showing up with emotional vulnerability.
I think this developmental road never ends, only grows as the leaders, the culture, and the business do.

My background:

I co-founded two educational non-profits in my 20s in the Boston area after being a math major at MIT, then worked in tech for multiple years, including as a research scientist at Y Combinator Research, and leading product research for three years at Coda from 2017-2020.
I’ve completed several coaching trainings, starting in 2010, and have studied multiple spiritual paths deeply. I believe it my passion for depth work married to a sharp analytical mind which gives me an ability to help my clients.
If any of this speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. mpnagle at gmail dot com is the best way. I am happy to provide references as well.
Thank you!

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