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ReelTok Guidelines
ReelTok Guidelines

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Step 2: Filming

Content Deliverables - Here’s what we need you to deliver per ReelTok:

Video with no sound + no watermark
Edited TikTok saved in’s draft
Share the post on your personal page

Logging into TikTok

We’re going to assign each ReelTok squad member a designated day for them to create content within the TikTok account.

Here’s the TikTok Login
Password: pangea973!

Filming Quality Content

Deciding the time length and a cover photo
Keep ReelToks to 60s or less
TikToks can be 60s
Reels can only be 30s
If you make a 60s TikTok, be considerate of how you edit it so that it can be made into a 30s Reels post with two parts.

Before you film, have a thought of what will make a click-worthy cover photo
A safe bet is to have a face / person in the cover photo
Besides people and faces, having the frame with the title of the ReelTok works well
If you don’t like the in-video frames, you can upload a picture from your camera roll

Find a spot with sufficient lighting so we can see you
Natural light from a window or outside
A ring light if you’re a pro or have one handy
Pro-tip: Use a desk lamp with a plastic bag over it for a softer light instead of a ring light

Think of your background / scenery
Be purposeful and considerate of what you put in your shot
Backgrounds can be fun / represent you, but try not to make it too distracting
Be sure not to get any private information in the background

Getting the framing right
Be sure to film portrait (9:16 or story size)
Consider leaving room in the frame for text you might add
Make sure you're entirely in the frame without cutting off your body parts
Film with your phone upright and on a steady surface

Securing solid audio
Pick a quiet area
Try to pick an empty room to achieve good sound quality
Indoor locations can work best, but solid audio is more important than location

Speaking tips to note
Speak clearly
Project your voice
Only use headphones as needed


Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.