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ReelTok Guidelines
ReelTok Guidelines

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Step 3: Editing & Uploading

Editing Your ReelTok

Once you’ve filmed it, now is time to add text, GIFs, and sounds

Whether you’re using TikTok or Reels, use the text + sounds within the app to gain the best chances for your post to be seen
IG and TikTok can tell when you’re reposting content and will hide your posts

Set the vibe with sounds
Starting with sound will help you edit the text to the beat
Considerations for music & sounds:
Use music provided in the app
Pick clean versions with no profanity as much as possible
Trending songs can are a good choice bc thee algorithm boosts these
Pick a song that matches your subject matter
Are you being inspirational? Go with an upbeat sound
Is this humorous? A sad violin noise could work for dramatic effect
Think about how funny sound bites relate to making money with

Sample sound bite

Using fonts and text
Font Types
Use fonts that match the aesthetic of your content BUT…
Typically we will defer to...
For Instagram: Classic (first option on stories)
For TikTok: Typewriter
Be sure the text is not covered by the header or caption

Filming, Feedback & Revisions
Each content creator will get a designated day they will be able to login into our TikTok account to create content

Once you have your assigned content creation day, send a Google calendar invite for the estimated time you will be filming.
If we know when you all are filming, we can make sure we’re available to give feedback as soon as possible on any drafts.
order to limit the time it takes for any feedback & editing, you should send

Uploading Your ReelTok
Upload your finished product to our
Go to your assigned folder & create a new folder for each new ReelTok topic
Notify Nadir via email or Slack that you have recently uploaded content


Want to print your doc?
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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