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n0shrubs | Growing Edibles 101
Okay I got the seeds, now what do I do?

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Step 1: Check on your seeds

Let's check on how our little beans are doing first.
Seeds don’t exactly have an expiry date, but they can become less viable (less likely to grow into healthy plants) over time. Fresh seeds recently harvested have the best chance of producing a plant, and can be kept in a ziplock in the fridge to keep its freshness for as long as possible.
If you’re storing the seeds, make sure they are completely dry before storing - we don’t want moisture causing some mold in there. Additionally, when you’re taking a seed packet out from the fridge, wait till it comes to room temperature before opening the packet, as condensation can rush in and moisten the seeds by accident.
Usually, seeds that are plump have more genetic material, and are more likely to produce a healthier plant. If you have an old packet of seeds, or a cheap packet and you’re not sure of the viability, you can . The viable seeds are likely to sink due to a denser body, and the ones that float at the top are unlikely to germinate, and can be thrown away.
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