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n0shrubs | Growing Edibles 101
Okay I got the seeds, now what do I do?

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Step 2: Gather your materials

Now to get all the things you're going to need
When you’re adding soil to your pot, make sure to pack it in with medium amount of pressure, watering the soil as you go along. Good soil should not compact, and remains loose when you run your fingers through it, even after flattening it down.
Be sure to water your soil before the next step!

What pot do I need?

You need a 5 gallon (or 15cm deep) pot at least, which has drainage holes. Water needs to be able to drain out the bottom so you’re not risking overwatering it later.
The bigger the pot, the more the plant can grow to it’s true size, and the more water it can hold. This means the soil is less likely to dry out quickly, so the plant remains hydrated for a longer time.
For a deep dive on pots, head over here:

What kind of soil do I need?

Get a bag of good quality potting mix, about 5L should be enough for 1 x 5 gallon pot. You can get yours from any NTUC / Cold Storage / Giant, as they usually stock smaller bags of them. Alternatively, you’ll have more choices if you buy from a nursery.
My favourite local brand is , and of course you can go crazy like me and buy the 40L pack which will be enough for a while.
For a deep dive on soil, head over here:

What if I forget which seedling is which?

Believe me, you need to label your plants if you’re germinating more than 1 plant at a time! If not you’ll quickly forget which plant is which. You can buy tags from nurseries, or use market to draw on the pot.

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