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Star Rail

Star Rail Databases

A quick lookup resource for players of Honkai: Star Rail

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Why not use a Wiki?

This collection of databases is designed to make it easy and fast to look up character-specific leveling and equipment recommendations. Most Wikis and fan sites break information out into long and detailed character pages, requiring you to scroll endlessly through ad-riddled SEO content to find the information you need.
A database cuts the clutter and makes it easy to filter and find information.

How do I use this Coda?

Character lookup

For quick character lookup on desktop, use the page. For mobile, use the hub.
The hub provides a more detailed database view of all characters, with links to additional views (e.g. Characters ) that serve different needs.
Click “Expand row” to the left of a character’s name to view their Character Card. This will open a focused window with all of that character’s most essential information, including:
Affiliations and attributes (e.g. element, path, rarity)
Ascension and trace material requirements
Recommended relic sets, stats, and sub-stats

Relic, ornament & item lookup

On the and pages, you’ll find information on:
Relic stats, activation requirements, and sources
Character recommendations for each relic and ornament set
Item uses and sources


Tier rankings and recommendations for relic and ornament sets are taken from . They’re a great resource for everything Star Rail-related and go much deeper than these databases do.
Icon images are mostly from the on Fandom, which takes them from Star Rail itself.
The vast majority of resources posted here belong to , , and their respective owners. This Coda is not affiliated with them.
And if you somehow made it here without ever having played before, go and download it already.
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