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LEED Guide (Public)

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LEED Overview

Consider creating a “study pack” for others to use and charge for its use?
I can’t host host certain reading materials
I shouldn’t host certain reading materials
Limit accessibility to not violate any “rules”
Desired Outcomes:
Share knowledge at an accessible price point - “democratize education”
Some financial target $$$
Develop competency in developing a “tech product”
Features / Products:
Library of flash cards
Ability to create flash cards
Library of practice questions w/ answers
Bonus - Include explanations and references
Library of study notes
Ability to create personal notes
Ability to modify / improve overall structure
Outline of study plan for LEED AP & LEED BD+C
Spark Notes or “Cheat Sheet” of important concepts
Library of resources & references
Ability for community to contribute
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