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[🌱→🌲] Aligning Actions → Aspirations with ✨AI

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About this template

🌱Actions → 🌲Aspirations ✨AI as your personal gardener

Inspiration- a shared struggle.

We all face a common struggle - tracking our daily tasks often leaves us feeling like we've accomplished nothing meaningful. We're stuck in the tactical now, leaving our future aspirations neglected. By day's end, we're too exhausted for introspection or journaling. The result? A sense of unfulfillment, a void productivity tools fail to fill.

What it does- aligns daily actions towards long term aspirations

Imagine life as a garden, daily tasks as seeds, and our AI as the dedicated gardener transforming your tasks into strategic steps towards your future blooms. Our template allows to quickly align your daily tasks into your long term aspirations.

How? 3 simple steps.

1.Define your Aspirations: Be it Career Growth or Healthy Aging. The template comes with a pre-populated list of Aspirations .
Aspirations (example)
2. Log daily deeds, choose an aspiration, and let AI handle the gardening. Our AI provides an external point of view that allows us to associate differently.
3.Share your growth with your boss (optional), for nurturing deeper conversations, goal clarity, and broader support.

How I built it- Used 2 tables.

Table 1- has a list of the top aspirations. I researched and synthesized the shortest list that covered the most meaningful demographics that use CODA.
Table 2 -captures the daily tasks, and has a drop down menu to select the aspirations (Fed via table 1), and AI works its magic in the last column- by bridging the gap between the tactical and the aspirational.

Accomplishments that I’m proud of

- I'm so very interested in betterment for people. We all collect enough amount of cognitive dissonance (when our actions are misaligned with our aspirations such as.. I want to be healthy but I ate the chocolate) throughout our days so any tool that helps chip away makes me proud. This simple but effective tool has allowed me to consider an alternative POV on the things I do on a daily basis and helps me lift my head up.
Our AI doesn't just manage tasks but sows seeds for your aspirations. Each day brings your dream garden closer to full bloom. We're here to shift the narrative from simply doing to meaningful growth.
What I learned AI is an incredible tool that helps us associate in new ways. It's also early days, so its not as fast as the rest of the features, but the potential is there. The potential that each tool can reflect me.. can reflect my personal patina (Such as physical tools).

How to use it

Be curious
See if your aspirations are included in the list included or add your new ones
For every new day, duplicate the Daily tasks table.
Be patient- AI is a tad slow
Smile. You got this

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