RFP AUS-27056

RFP AUS-27056

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Seeking licensed electrician to repair Austin, TX meter block.
1711 Deerfield Dr., Austin, TX 78741
Ready. To be completed as soon as possible.
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Home owner is seeking a licensed electrician to repair a side wall wire and replace the meter block so that the city can install the meter and turn on power to the property.
The owner is planning on doing a larger remodel in a few months which will involve electrical work, so in order to save money right now, he only wants the bare minimum required by the city to get power back on. If this project goes well, he would want the electrician to come back for the electrical portion of the larger remodel.



Electrician must be licensed and able to pull city permits.
Work needs to be completed by June 5.
Budget-conscious quotes please. Customer intends to redo electrical in near-future larger remodel. If this project goes well, customer wants to retain the electrician for that remodel.


Pull necessary city permits.
Repair the side wall wire.
Repair the meter block.
Schedule inspection with COA.
Once completed, customer can call Austin Energy to have meter installed.

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We’re actively soliciting bids for the work.
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