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Project Summary

Airmeet for Universities


An online event to present relevant content and showcase Airmeet’s features for potential clients from Universities.
A Conference type of event that brings admissions/hiring managers and careers specialists to discuss the advantages/cons of a virtual admission interview, virtual career fair, vocational webinar and things related.

Event Details

Name: Admission 2.0
Subject Suggestions:
Admissions 2.0 - The Future of Admissions
Admissions 2.0 - A new era for admissions
Admissions 2.0 - Creating the WOW factor
Admissions 2.0 - Perks and Cons of Virtual Admissions
Admissions 2.0 - How to Align Admissions Strategic Goals and The New Normal
Admissions 2.0 - The New Virtual Normal
Admissions 2.0 - No boundaries
Admissions 2.0 - No borders, no limits!
Admissions 2.0 - Going Virtual
Admissions 2.0 - Adapting to The New Normal\
Admissions 2.0 - 2020 Recap
Suggested Date: March 31st, 2021
Duration: 3 hours approx.
Event Sessions: Panel, Keynote, Roundtable and Networking
Target Region: US and Europe
Target Audience: Anyone involved in the college admission and financial aid process. University representatives, admission officers, high school counselors, NACAC, AACRAO, NASFAA and professional admissions consultants.

Time & Budget

How long will this take? What resources will this take?
Event Budget (see parameters)


Rate per hour: $15
Hours per day: 6
Speaker Invite Acceptance: 6 hours in 2 days
Event Day Hosting: 3 Hours
Total of Days: 8 days (overall with no promotion)
Timeline of Tasks
Event Planning
March 31st, 2021
Time: 17:00 (GMT 0)
Target audience: 500 Universities US and Europe
Showcase Airmeets features / Branding / Platform Interaction / Engaging Discussion / Networking
2. Serve as a knowledge sharing hub to all participant universities in the US and Europe, about what are the strategies for this new virtual setting. Explore the ways to optimize the outcomes of admissions and present new strategies.
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Relevance Research (Admissions Sector)

Event Brief Description:

Everyday single day we’re experiencing the spreading of new virtual ways of doing things. Classes, workshops, hiring processes, admissions... This event aims to open a discussion in regards to what has changed in a year, how did the schools adapt, were they prepared for it or not? What worked and what did not work?
This could be an opportunity to educate admission associates right now.


International Association
ACAC Executive Board
Universities the speakers are a part of...
Communities of Admissions Professionals
Admissions Management Platforms ?? OpenApply

Potential Speakers:

Maria English - Director of Admissions and Marketing at Dulwich College Suzhou (in China)
Soojin Kwon - LEO Adjunct Lecturer of Business Communications / Managing Director
Morgan Bernstein - Haas School of Business at the University of California - Berkeley
Teresa Schweser - Executive Director, International ACAC
Patricia Bergantino - Assistant Dean of Admissions/Coordinator of International Admissions
John A Byrnes (Moderator) CEO/Editor-in-Chief of Poets and Quantics
Paula Amorim - Director at IESE Business School
David Simpson - Recruitment & Admissions Director, MBA and Masters in Finance at London Business School
Gillian Simmons - Head of Admissions at THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH
Jeffrey Foot - Executive Director at LewerMark Student Insurance
Jeff Selingo - New York Times bestselling author, Washington Post columnist, higher education strategist, LinkedIn Top 10 Influencer
Harry Haysom - The Chronicle of Higher Education
40 speakers
Speakers Rehearsal
Event Speakers Flow


Monielle and Ashana
Moderators Flow
View of Minute by Minute
View of Public Agenda

Website Info / Collaterals

Admissions Experts and Professionals are coming together to address the impacts of the virtual process since COVID, in paving the way for seamless student admission process. Join [ ] & more for an impactful conversations about improving candidate experience, fostering innovation and using digital transformation as an advantage.
Who is this event for?
Universities Admissions Professionals
Admissions Stakeholders
Individuals looking to know more about the future of admissions
You should attend if…
You want to increase your admissions process impact while maintaining the high level of quality for your university.
You are trying to attract global talent and nurture qualified candidates through digital mediums
You want to use technology as an advantage for your next admission season
What will be covered?
Impacts of COVID on the Admission Process
How is the future looking for the actual processes
How to plan effective virtual admissions
The best way to maximise digital

This event will bring you valuable insights, talks & discussions from Admission Experts from across the globe. Click on "Register for this event" to book your seat.
Note: Don't have time to attend this summit? No problem, you can still register and we will send you the recording later.
One Graphic for Promoting
Speaker Graphic - Social Media / Designation and Panel that will participate
Ashana will send the color codes and logo

Social Media / Collaterals

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