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Simple meeting notes

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Simple meeting notes

No need to get fancy. Stay organized with a page for each meeting and a table for action items.
Pavel Malinovskiy
Duplicate this page for each meeting and keep all your team notes in one doc. Then kiss that 50-page Google doc goodbye! 💋
Clear template

Action items

Detail any follow-up tasks at the top of your doc, where everyone can see them.
Due date
There are no rows in this table


Keep track of attendees and the topics your team will discuss.
Wednesday, July 29th
Discussion topics
Status updыпапates from the team.
Brainstorm first-ever virtual thumb wrestling tournament.
Timelines for the event and marketing campaign.


Use this space to jot down notes during the meeting. Don’t forget to add any action items in the table at the top of this doc!
We’ve held a thumb wrestling tournament every year for the last 20 years. This year will be no different!
Can we still open with a bit of magic?
How can we incentivize attendance?
What kind of swag can we send people?
Joel to schedule brainstorm.
Potential drawbacks?
Will magic tricks translate? James to look into magic tricks.

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