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Celeste Balanced Checkpoints Calculator

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Added 3A
Added toggle to show IL splits instead of checkpoint times
Fixed issue with sliders on A-Side pages


Added 1C


Added 2C


Added 2A (checkpoint clips only, no room clips yet)


Further pruned runs from 1A that had redundant strats compared to other runs
Added Date/Input Display filtering
Updated room clips to use a timer slider instead of just showing one clip per strat
I might add strat filtering at some point, but labelling strats is going to be an incredible amount of work, so we’ll see


Removed some really old runs from 1A
Explanation: These runs featured strats that are so outdated that they don’t belong on this tool, and the checkpoint splits do not correspond with modern runs. I originally included these runs to provide a wider variety of strats, but I think the cons outweigh the pros.
Updated split calculations to not include checkpoint runs with major mistakes
Explanation: Since people tend to reset if they mess up in early checkpointsl, mistakes are more heavily weighted toward later checkpoints, causing the computed splits to become imbalanced
Updated which checkpoint runs are shown
Explanation: Previously, I tried to show at most one checkpoint run per tenth of a second (if possible). But I realized that this limited the variety of strats shown, so I changed my system to only use the fastest checkpoint for a runner (out of the runs I’m including, not necessarily their actual PB)


Posted version 1 of the tool with 1A
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