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Diet Manager


User App (Mobile and Web apps):

Basic Detail Collection
● Name
● Email ID
● Phone Number
Calorie Intake calculator - By using below details
● Goal
● Current weight
● Height
● Gender
● Level of Physical Activity
Select Diet Plans [Weight Lose, Weight Gain, Keto, Low Carb etc..]
Select Meal type
● Vegan
● Pescatrian
● Vegetarian
● Gluten free
● Diary free
● Gluten and dairy free
● Mix of all
Select Meal Plans [BLDS, BLD, Etc..]
Select Number of days
Can add special notes against order
Make Payment
User will get Activation /Welcome email with username and password
User need to change the system generated password
Profile Update for New users
● Full Name
● Phone number
● Email address
● Current weight
● Address
● Google link to address
● Area with emirates
● Notifications
● Skip days
Update for Existing Users
● Meal plan upgrade / Renewal
● Current weight update
● Address
● Google location link to address
● Area with emirates
● Notifications
● Skip days
Set Weekly Menu
● Select Meal [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks]
● Select the Day of the week [ Monday to Saturday]
● View menu items for each meal
● Select the preferred dish for each meal
● Complete meal selection for the whole week [6 Days]
● If the user missed selecting any meal the system will prompt, he can either select
the dish or proceed without selecting the same
● If the user needs to select an extra dish [Upsell]- Eg: the user had selected the
meal plan as B&L only and he needs Dinner for one day, he can select that and
proceed with paying the extra amount for that meal
● User can see the summary of the entire weeks selections with total calories and
macros breakdown
The menu items for the meals will be changed every week.
Normally the user will get 4-5 dishes to select from for each meal
The user should be able to mark a day off for the meals if he is not available on that day
The user can set multiple addresses and select a separate delivery address for each meal
if needed [Eg: Breakfast and Dinner at the home address, Lunch and snacks at the Office
Reports - Active Plans - Meals received, Pending, Payments, Subscriptions etc..

Admin App (Web App

Manage diet plans
Manage Meal plans [Subscription Plans]
Manage Meal Types [Vegan, Pescatrian etc..]
Manage Dishes
Manage Weekly Menu
Manage dish options for daily meals
Manage Customer Details
Manage Customer Orders
Manage Discount Codes
View the Daily dish preparation list
View daily delivery details
Manage Content Pages (CMS)
Manage payments
View Reports
Admin Users and access Management

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