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Mitch and matt meet around enterprise's taking control of their KBs

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Friday, June 17 2022
@Mitchell Johns
Discussion topics
Where daphne and I are at with adding new biz, what’s coming up with this and how it might expand the premise
If we move most enterprise search experience to top nav bar, should we have Amie design add biz button for there as well?
Could user immediately add a biz and then be directed onto that naked profile, add note at that point?
Issues with this naked profile may be:
we can’t successfully RFP if we don’t have contact info
Duplicates problem
Problems being raised:
User wants to send RFP to biz not in our system
Enterprise need to edit static data like name, address, contacts, specifically for bizzes exclusive to them
Yelp matching—if there is a yelp match can we make them aware of it?
What’s not working in adding FC saved bizzes?
FE search is slow
External search is separate step from internal search—I don’t completely understand that


Value of bringing on unique businesses
Concept of event, separate
We should break out concept of private event from RFP
We know we’re going to be importing events that are not associated with RFPs
Step 1 is we break events out
Location can be more generic
Events can but don’t have to be tied to system public entities
Parallel concepts of events: Public and non-public
From data storage, there should be a clear distinction between data an enterprise brought to us and public data
Could map a private event to a public event profile
Attach events to RFPs (optional, not necessary to either entity)
Parallel and separate concepts of public and private events
Maybe events can relate
We don’t public data affecting private data
Big idea here is we want a concept of private events
Anything separate from an RFP that would be tracked on its own should be separated
We want to draw associations between enterprises and bizzes
taking RFP to completion creates an entry in events history table
Events history is valuable as it is a more user-malleable concept
Is RFP the place for old history? No, it should be associated with a more malleable event history table.
Relating knowledgebase to our core product: Should enterprise-entered bizzes be the same concept or associated concept?
The thought with businesses is we want to allow enterprises to have a private concept
We want a separate concept for enterprise-added bizzes, can map these to public data
Mapped and unmapped data
Unmapped data for enterprise-unique info
Send RFP action would still be outstanding, could require contact info from Enterprise users to offer RFP button, could just not offer RFP button for these unique bizzes if we don’t get contact info.
How much gap can we fill in for people?
Editing name and info also becomes easier with separate concepts
We’re jamming a lot of complexity of enterprise data onto public profiles
We need to think about breaking away the enterprise data from the “hard data”
Would like to even eventually map an enterprise’s phone number data to our “hard” phone number data, this would even help us more cleanly leverage enterprise data to keep ours current.
What’s most immediate?
On adding new biz
In unified search, RFP search, normal search—might make the most sense to work in RFP search
Offer “Add biz” — first use case of enterprise-unique separate biz table is to capture their intent and create this as an operational entity
We should not mix public with private data — if we want to offer add biz in same session as adding it then we need to build the new private concept which is
Automapping from “enter biz details” popup
This url actually matches
Can offer checks for “Send RFP to this biz” or “Save biz” that take effect when added? Yes
Can we generate an inquiry to a non-existent business?
Next step is breaking concept of event away from RFP
Once we have enterprise private events, we could take imports of previous events
Private events are helpful for enterprises for:
Mutli-RFP on same event
We could develop the concept of private event before doing a private event import
Current lists: could be multiple people, could be mix of venues and vendors
We should work on prioritization in general—sometimes we push everything back for some new #1 highest priority, but not everything can be highest priority
Churn of priority, churn of next week’s priorities
Think of search as an instance of churn
What we could build right now on add biz:
Popup flow to give us necessary info but no landing on a new profile (bc we don’t want to build that)
Can assume venue vendor from RFP context
Can get name city and website to source
Could ask venue or vendor subtype
What upon-biz-creation actions could we reasonably give the user?
Save this biz?
RFP this biz? (send this RFP, make a new RFP for this biz)
Add note to this biz?
Add custom attribute to this biz?
Triggers could live in their own table at first
1 new entry in enterprise businesses table
2 “postCreationActions” table would house triggers that would make association with “enterpriseBusinesses” table
Would have new tables for
Files upload is easy, custom attributes is not so easy
We think urgency is higher for inquiring than for knowledge upload
Daphne debrief
There are two possible ways we could build enterprise unique data auto-add, and Matt isn’t going to tolerate the sloppy way
We should also consider the eventual enterprise-unique table for

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