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Meeting Notes

Discovery call

Mandate is to build a product-led channel (zero touch sales) to cater to smaller audience.
Later we will try to move elements of PLG to enterprise (not sure how this will move).
The entire effort can be isolated. Recommended format for execution is to
Generate signups and leads and bookings as a separate offering under Goodera.
Outsource execution (delivery of events) to the existing Goodera processes.



Calendar: Reflect your team’s culture
Socio-cultural Pillar: Align with company’s social and cultural values: Pre-added events (Holidays, Social Agenda)
Employee engagement Pillar: Team celebrations: Employee/HR/Team generated events (Town halls, Annual days, anniversaries, etc.)
Events: Add engaging virtual events at calendar events
Socio-cultural Pillar: Recommendation engine: Social/cultural relevance already identified
Employee engagement Pillar: Idea bank (Recommendations for employee lifecycle engagement - Onboarding etc.)
Assets: See scheduled and past events on the calendar across teams.
Socio-cultural Pillar: Show your company’s CSR impact in one view on a shareable calendar
Employee engagement Pillar: Show your company’s employee engagement in one view and build employer brand.
Budgeting and Payments
Wallet limit, assigned to team or employee level. (What is your budget?)
Pre-add to wallet to drive engagement - Deduct as you consume. (invoice management and billing)
User Management
Multiple roles: HR/Leader/Employee
Create WYSIWYG team structures (create groups and add employees to them).
Customer Success
Get a dedicated culture POC from Goodera for budgets greater than 10K/year.
Hands-off budget assignment and recommendation delivery to 10K+ clients.


Positioned ideally for companies with less than 500 employees for Y1
Product-led growth, from acquisition to renewals - Automate customer management for accounts less than 10K/year.
Embed Acquisition → Activation → Booking → Retention → Referral
Build timeline
Will work with 10 different ICPs in co-build mode for first three months.
Soft launch in Month 4.
Full-scale GTM in Month 7.
Channels (Estimated budget of 500K for 2022).
Massive dependency on channel based distribution:
Software and services partnerships in North Am
Influencer and small teams partnerships in North Am
Organic Search and Social - Build in-house capability and hire agency.
Paid social
Narrative: Build a better team cultures (implies internal employee engagement and social values).
Note: 3-6 months for positioning to get completely resolved.
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