File Transaction Creator Template
File Transaction Creator Template

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Button Config

1 / Go to the Column options of the button column


2 / Carefully consider the use of Private / Shared options when using this pack and it’s buttons


3 / Assign fields for PROJECT_ID and FILE

Select the PROJECT_ID field, press the “=” key and start typing “project”. Using your keyboard or mouse select the “Project ID” column.
Then repeat this process for the FILE field

4 / Assign fields for FILENAME

Continuing from the button options menu, the next field to fill is the FILENAME, in which we’ll place a formula that takes the text of the file name, and designates it as the file name for the transaction. The formula in this field should look like:

5 / Show Formula and Assign Fields for ENCRYPT and SIGN

For ENCRYPT and SIGN fields, we need to expose the formula option to then assign a field. To do this click the 3 dots next to each field and select “Show Formula”.
Then you can continue as other fields by pressing the “=” key and searching/selecting your encrypt and sign table columns.

6 / Select RESULTS COLUMN (txID)


7 / Create rules for button to be inactive

While this is not required, to avoid confusion or accidentally duplicating/replacing transactions we highly recommend setting up DISABLE IF rules on your buttons.
For our base template we use an OR formula for this, blocking button use if there is already a transaction ID, or if there is no Project Selected (which means the transaction would fail anyway), or if there is no content to send with the transaction.
OR((thisRow.txID.IsNotBlank()), thisRow.[Project ID].IsBlank(), thisRow.[Value].IsBlank())

To add your own rules to a button, go the Advanced settings and select/edit as you see fit.

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