Scrum Project Template
As a prerequisite you should have a basic understanding of Scrum in order to use this document. The template provides an easy way to manage small-to-medium projects. If you are new to Scrum, it's suggested to start
1️⃣ Create Product Backlog
Start by creating some stories for the
You can assign a
sprint number
if there is a rough planning when you plan to work on it.
Assigning an
estimated effort
will be used for the
Sprint code name
Story status
are updated automatically.

Create Product Backlog entry

2️⃣ Plan the tasks
Now it's time to break down the story to specific tasks and assign them to the person that will work on.

You can do this either below, or in the
table, using the "New task" button.
Story Name
Create task
A story
New task
Another story
New task
Some other one
New task
The story
New task
There are no rows in this table

3️⃣ Update task status on the Task Board
You can use the
to update task status, or to assign to another resource. Just drag and drop!

4️⃣ Complete a task
When a task is completed, click the
button. This will update its status and the completion date. Based on its status, the story status is also updated. Give it a try in

5️⃣ Create new sprint
You can create a new sprint here:
Create new sprint

Note: The Sprint number must be a number. You can add a description in the code name field.

View the sprints at the
table. To start a sprint, click on the Start button. This will fill the start date and set the sprint to 'Active'.

6️⃣ Additional settings
You can modify the template to suit your needs better, eg. by adding new Statuses or Priorities. Go to
section to find out more.
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