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Motivation Matters

“To be motivated means to be moved to do something.” Ryan & Deci
Intrinsic motivation results in high-quality learning, creativity and our ability to persist at a task.

Autonomy: where learners feel that they are driving their own learning, where they experience a sense of freedom and choice, they are more engaged and motivated. Over-controlled environments or compliance in a learning setting can actually be detrimental to learning.
Mastery: learners are focussed on the process of doing rather than an outcome or set level of excellence. If learning a new skill/capacity, such as playing the piano, is presented as a too difficult/ unattainable goal, then learners may loose their motivation. At the same time, if something is too easy, they may be quickly board and loose motivation with the activity.
Purpose: there should be a connection to something bigger than themselves, and they have to care about that “something”. Learners should experience that the capacity or skill that they are spending their time on matters and can have impact on their world. Learners who feel a sense of purpose seem to persevere when facing an obstacle or challenge, rather than giving up.

Learning is a social phenomena
Based on social constructivist principle and the assumption that knowledge creation is a shared and built, rather than individual experience we can then frame learning as collaborative learning experiences.

Language Matters in driving motivation
Traditional Meanings
Navigational Meanings
Failure: Come to a dead end. A lack of success. Loss of ability.
Failure: Learning for invention, information for innovation and growth.
Success: Focus on the arrival, desired outcome, or peak point.
Success: Focus on the iteration, failures and progress made to work towards desired outcome.
Mastery: The innate talents or special skill of great uniqueness or technique. A select few possess capacity to achieve mastery.
Mastery: Focus on the reach, process and endurance required to master incremental skills that with time and effort lead to development and mastery.
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Mastery Approach to Learning (looks like a lean process):
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