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Mindjoy "Get Creative with AI" Virtual Hackathon
Register for Mindjoy's "Get Creative with AI" Virtual Hackathon 🎨 👩‍💻 🤖

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What is a Hackathon?

A Hackathon is a competition, where participants use technology to collaborate on a project and solve a common problem within a short time frame. For this 90-minute Hackathon, learners will be co-creating with Open AI’s GPT-3, one of the most advanced neural networks out there!

Our mission: build an AI-bot that can do our homework!

Together we'll explore:
What is AI and how does it work?
Can AI be creative?
The power of programming!
Why is it important to use technology in a mindful way?
🤷‍♀️ How does a Hackathon work?
Sign up here!
We’ll send you a calendar invite with a Zoom link!
On the day, we’ll guide the kids through a hands-on coding project
We will give the kids a thorough introduction to the project to help them get oriented (no prior coding experience needed, but it does help)!
They’ll code alongside a group of 6 other kids with the support of a Mindjoy-trained coach

🤔 How do I get set-up?
Here are four important setup steps for success:
Make sure that your child has a Laptop or PC set up for the session (iPads do work but they change the experience - we recommend using an external keyboard)
You will need to use Google Chrome Browser and have a strong internet connection (speed test available at - a minimum of 10+ Mbps required)
On this device, ensure you have Zoom capabilities, with a working microphone and camera. Please ensure that your .
When you log on to Zoom, please be sure to change the displayed name to your child’s first name and the first letter of their surname ONLY (i.e: “Siena B”). This is for security purposes.
🎁 Prizes
We’ll gift 5x Mindjoy Swag packs to the top 5 submissions!
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