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Mindjoy "Get Creative with AI" Virtual Hackathon

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Register for Mindjoy's "Get Creative with AI" Virtual Hackathon 🎨 👩‍💻 🤖

Projects powered by GPT-3

Unleash your creativity and learn with some of the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology! 💻🤯

Date: Saturday 7 May 2022

Time: 10h00 - 12h00

Unlock a whole new world of creativity with the power of OpenAI’s GPT-3! Explore what it means to get creative with an AI assistant and even solve important problems- like doing homework📝!

👩‍💻 This is for kids who are:

11 - 13 year’s old
Love coding and being challenged 💪
Curious about Artificial Intelligence and want to know more 🤓
Eager to play with some of the coolest new technologies 🤖
Interested in learning how AI can supercharge their imagination 🎨

👀 Mindjoy kids playing with GPT-3 here - they'll blow your mind! 🤯

🤖 Why should we be learning about AI?

We interact with AI (Artificial Intelligence) everyday - as we type messages, watch Netflix or stream music! Understanding this technology will be a superpower, and learners who have the ability to engage with this tech will have an advantage.
Understanding AI and coding are key to empowering the next generation with the skills to engage meaningfully and creatively with technology (instead of just being passive consumers). This is important as AI is already shaping our present and future world.


If you have any questions about this hackathon, you can reach out to our Community Lead, Page (

🦉Who is ?

Mindjoy is a local EdTech startup on a mission is to empower kids with coding superpowers and technology to build their future.
We connect learners with peers from across the world, and bring them together to work on hands-on coding projects (such as creating art, exploring data, building games and creating with AI).

Read more about how the Hackathon works

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