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The Last Grade Tracker You'll Ever Need

Keep track of your grades with live GPA calculation and more.
This coda doc is a robust, adaptable and encompassing grade tracker built for college students by a college student.
Are you tired of not knowing exactly what your current grade is in a college class? Need to figure out how much that midterm you bombed will affect your gpa? Then look no further!

There are three main sections to the doc:

You will spend the most of your time in the page. This is where you will input your grades as you get them and view your calculated gpa and class averages.
is where you go to look into the past present and future. Three individual calculators let you predict needed grades, look at gpa from any point, and see how an assignment will affect your grades.

is where all the magic happens. You will only need to venture into this jungle of tables once or twice a year to add classes and grade categories.

Now, before you worry about how complicated this might seem, pause. It’s actually very simple! Here’s how you can set it up to work perfectly for your college routine in less than 30 minutes.

Initial Setup Instructions

Clear Out the Sample Data
Add every term that you will be in school to the
table. Include:
the name of the term (for example, my school calls Fall 2022 “FA22”),
the academic year it will fall into (Freshman, Sophomore... etc),
the day it starts on,
and the day it ends on (these dates are used by the doc to determine what the current term is).
Note: This works for whatever system your school uses (Semester, Trimester, Quarter, etc). All that really matters is the start and end date. ​
Grade Tracker - Terms.gif
If you don’t know the exact start date for terms farther down the line, you can fill those in later.
Add your classes to the table.
Grade Tracker - Classes.gif
Don’t worry about the grades defaulting to “F.” Those will change once we get to the part where we add assignment grades.
Add Grade Categories (percent of grade for each assignment type) for each of your classes in the table
Your professor should have these percentages listed on the syllabus, if not maybe ask them.
Grade Tracker - Categories.gif
Finally: Your doc is now ready to begin recording assignments.
While you can add assignments from the using the button above the table, it is easiest to add assignments from the front page:
To do so, simply choose what class the assignment is for and click the green add assignment button ​
Grade Tracker - Assignment.gif
Note that to get an accurate GPA calculation, there needs to be at least one graded assignment in each class.
You can modify the grade scale here if your school uses something other than the standard GPA associations.


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