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About this doc

Welcome, Coach! Your coaching expertise combined with this Client-Coach Hub will elevate your clients' experience and drive meaningful progress.
I’m Milan Lee, a designer-turned-coach based in the California Bay Area. When I’m not coaching leaders, I consult directly with teams to help them collaborate better. Part of that work is about designing systems for better relationships. I created this doc to support the coach-client relationship and the coachee’s development journey.
I like to use this doc with clients who express a desire to have a higher degree of accountability and engagement in their process. It’s been remarkably helpful to have a “thing” to hold, during and between sessions.
This template is 100% free for coaches— a pay-it-forward gift to my community as a way to say thank you for your commitment to this important work.
Lastly, I’d love it if you’d shoot me a note if you decide to try it out, or if you have any questions after you follow the directions.
P.S. I’m also working on a doc for coaches to track their hours, revenue projections, and session notes - email me if you want to be notified when I publish!
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What’s included

Here’s what’s included in this doc:

1. A way to track progress 🚀

Encourage your clients to update the page consistently. It’s their personal development dashboard. Guide them to:
🎯 Outcomes: Help them set clear, achievable goals.
🫱 Commitments: Foster commitment to growth.
🫱 Gratitude List: Encourage positive reflection.
🫱 Accomplishments: Celebrate wins together!
🫱 Challenges: Provide support and strategies.
🫱 Topics to Discuss: Set the agenda for impactful sessions.
Emphasize the power of regular updates for sustained progress.

2. A place to collaborate on their plan 📝

Collaborate with your clients on the page. Guide them to:
Define: Assist in shaping their coaching plan. What is your client’s purpose? Note this is not an outcome. It’s often something they want to experience. State the purpose in the affirmative.
Revise: Encourage updates as goals evolve.
Print and Keep: Remind them it's a tangible roadmap.
This living document is a testament to their growth, with your guidance as the architect.

3. A tool to optimize each coaching session 📋

Leverage the pre- and post- session forms for efficient preparation and reflection:
Pre-session Guide clients to focus their thoughts.
Post-session : Encourage reflection and action planning.
Empower your clients to extract maximum value from each session with these insightful tools.

Getting started

To get started, copy this doc in the upper right and go to the Dashboard page for instructions. You can customize the pages and edit the words on this doc to fit your own practice.
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