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Coda Resume - Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor

About Me

Mike Taylor |

🗺️ Where I’m from
I grew up with one foot in Appalachia - in Chillicothe, Ohio. I have degrees from Miami University, Ohio University and San Diego State University. Currently, I live in Columbus, Ohio and work at Nationwide. I also teach in the .
🎢 What I like to do
I love to read, travel and create. My favorite thing is to get outside for trail runs as much as possible. I also love speaking, sharing and helping others get better at what they do. You can see some recent talks and topics I’ve given on my Speaking Page.
❇️ How I learn
I’m a passionate learner who loves to “play” at anything related to learning, visual design and the technology that goes along with those things. I LOVE working in PowerPoint and am exited about the new possibilities enabled by the #NoCode movement.
🙋 Why I’m here
I’m excited to explore new, better ways of creating and sharing what I learn and how to help others learn along with me.

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