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Training Overview


The following are steps to take in order to PROPERLY set up your mixer to your microphone and computer. Do these steps BEFORE connecting ANY cables.
Step 1
Down Your MAIN MIX volume down. The main mix is your mixer's master volume control and is located in the bottom right of your mixer.
Frame 9.png
Step 2
Turn down channels 1, 2/3, AND 4/5.
Frame 10.png
Failing to do Steps 1 and 2 could lead to a lot of embarrassment and damage to speakers and people’s eardrums.
Step 3
Connect your microphone cable into channel one(XLR connection)
Frame 12.png
Frame 11.png
Step 4
Connect your music cable into channel 4/5 and then into your computer or whatever music source you’re using.
Frame 13.png
Step 5
Connect your PATCH Cable into Main Out and the other end to the PA system or House Sound System.
Frame 14.png
Step 6
Plug the mixer’s power cable in.

The 2/3 Line In is the SAME thing as the 4/5.
Sometimes, your Patch cable is an RCA cable. In this case, you would use the TAPE OUT RCA instead of the MAIN OUT. Click the grey button that says "TO MAIN" in order to work correctly.

Frame 15.png
Frame 16.png
Don't use or wear headphones while hosting trivia.
Frame 17.png
Getting Sound
Insure your have connected the mixer via Main Out and your PA/House Sound System.
Step 1 - Turn your MASTER volume up to 12:00
Step 2 - Hold the microphone close to your month and repeat “Test”, Test”, etc
Step 3 - Slowly turn up Channel 1 until you hear your voice.

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