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Split Bills

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Split your bills between friends

Do you remember , the app where you can record group expenses and split bills? This Coda doc does the same! Add expenses that each of you made, possibly selecting who is excluded from the expense, and you’ll automatically provided with a smallest number of final transactions that will settle the bills. You can also tweak the order of reimbursement in the table. The persons with the lower numbers are always satisfied first, so the current heuristic consists of ensuring debtors pays their successor.
To get started, look at the . When you feel comfortable,
Duplicate this page
and give it a new name. Then, add participants!
The final transactions to settle the bills will appear here!

This is the reset button. Please add participants
Add a participant
This is a reset button. Please add expenses
Add an expense
Who paid?
No options available
Amount ($)
For what?
Date (today if not provided)
Do not bill to... (optional)
To indicate that "Who paid" gave money to someone, select everyone except that person.
No options available
All participants
All expenses

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