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Items Organizer

If it's annoying to look for items at home, this doc is for you. Compatible with Google Home.
This doc solves the annoying questions we all ask at home.
“Where did I put Y away?”
“Where did X put Y away”
“Where is Y?”
With this doc, you can easily record items and where you put them away, and look for items later


On the page, click on
Record putting something away
to enter one or multiple comma-separated items, and where you placed it or them.
On the page, click on
New search
Edit search
on mobile to enter an item you are looking for. Results are displayed in the table just below. On browser, use the regular search option for tables.
On every row both on and , you can
the first item into its own row, if there are multiple items.
Try extract on the
Whisk, Yeast
row so that you can deal with each separatedly.
this item with all the other ones at the same location into one row.
Try regroup on the
row or
row”, so that they are on the same row!
Not there
to remove this row from inventory
Still there
to confirm this item is still where it’s supposed to be. It refreshes the date.
On mobile, swipe a row to access to the actions above.


Search can find rows even when the words in the search are out of order.
To achieve this, i replace each \s*\b(\w)\b\s* in the search query by (?=^.*$1)
Automation: Logs-in the last 4 searches, which can be useful for using it with Google Home..

You said compatible with Google home?

Here is how to create an automation that enables you to use voice to query and add elements to this Coda doc. Very useful for use with Google Home.
Ensure you have a account and create a new zap.
In the When this happens, choose “Google Assistant” and Continue.
In Trigger phrases, say “New Inventory” or something you like. You can put multiple trigger phrases.
In Prompts For Additional Information, write “What did you put away?” and then below, “Where did you place it?” This will make Google ask you the two follow-up questions. Click on “Test your trigger” and “Continue”
In Do this, look and select Coda. Create Row
Choose this document, and the table “Where Items Can be Found” which is the inventory.
In the “This”, click on “Show all options” and then “What did you put away?”
In the “Can be found in”, click on “Show all options”, and then “Where did you place it?”.
In the “Seen last time”, click on “datetime”.
Test and continue, activate zap (top right of screen should say “On”), you are done!
To activate, say to Google home "Hey Google, start Zapier.”, then “New inventory”. Google asks you “What did you put away?”, answer, then “Where did you place it?”, answer, and you are done!

And how can I ask Google home or assistant where are my items?

You will have to create two zaps for that. One to record the search and write it in the Looking for... table, and another one to record the result and send it to a push notification service.
Firsts zap: triggered by phrases like “Where is that”, the follow-up question “What are you looking for?”, and then update all rows of the table “Looking for...”, column “Looking for..” to be the “What are you looking for?”.
Second zap: triggered by this Coda document when the table “Last searches” has a new row.
Send the content of this new row to your phone with your favorite . I use PushBullet, it works fine.
Note that the roundtrip might take up to one minute, so if you are in a hurry, you will want to make sure you went to the search page on your mobile browser, and add a shortcut to the home page.

Is there a way to ask Google Assistant directly instead of “Hey Google, talk to Zapier” ?

I found a way to use that works well: Create a If “Google Assistant” then “Google Sheet” with IFTTT, and use the $ to request an search query that you put in a cell of a Google spreadsheet. Then, I use Zapier to listen to this Google spreadsheet and copy the query to the table Looking for... of this coda document.

Set-up instructions:

Duplicate this doc
Remove this page or move it in third position (you won’t need it)
Share it with the people you live with.
Add the items of the house you are moving away.
Enjoy the piece of mind.

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.