Building Our Application Vision

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Target Audience: Business Owners - FOC
Presentation Goals:
Establish an overarching vision for how we think about custom software at CCR
Baseline our platform, integration, & leveragability strategies
Create a shared understanding of the value of these strategies for the CCR FOC
Generate interest & commitment to co-creating the shared vision & roadmap for each BU & application with its leadership.
Kickstart high-trust relationships with our stakeholders that will Empower the Enablement Team to prioritize work based on the App Vision for each BU


Product is our core. It drives our functions, workflows, & experience.
What we Monitor, What we Alert On, What we Remediate, What we Report On
Business Lifecycle
Predictable Success Stages
Product Development > Product Lifecycle
Product Instance Lifecycle
Relationship Lifecycle
Clients, Vendors, Team Members
Process Lifecycle
Quoting, Install, MACD, etc.
Combined Processes & handoffs (Quoting → Install)
Onboarding (Clients, Vendors, Team Members)
What is a Product Instance & why does it matter?

Platform Strategy

Integration Strategy

Leveragability Strategy

Core in-house data structures that are shared across functions
Product Setup
Event Templates
Activity Maps
Leverageable design/UX standards


Why us? Why not IIT helping to integrate 3rd party tools?
We facilitate handoffs & support the product in a more tailored way


Identify a new Market → stand up a new BU in 3 weeks
Assemble the team
Spin up an Admin space
Configure Products
Product Codes, Milestones
Configure workflows/processes
Event Templates, Activity Maps
Spin up a new Client Portal
Requests, Price Sheets, Rate Cards, Product Instances
Request Plans
Managed Services
Sell, Report, Learn, Grow

ChatGPT Version A:

Ladies and gentlemen of the Company Executive Leadership team,

I stand before you today to paint a picture of an extraordinary future—a future where we, as the leaders of CCR, transform the way we think about custom software. Our vision is nothing short of revolutionary, and it revolves around our CCR Platform, a dynamic engine designed to drive us toward unparalleled success.
1. **Establishing the Overarching Vision:**
Imagine a world where our journey from identifying opportunities in new markets to fully implementing sales workflows takes just four short weeks. Picture this: a mere click, and a new Business Unit springs to life, equipped with an Admin Tool space, a Client Portal, and a starter suite of sellable products. This is the vision we have for the CCR Platform.
In this visionary landscape, we would: - Identify a new market and stand up a new BU in just three weeks. - Assemble the perfect team at the speed of thought. - Initiate an Admin space, configuring products and workflows seamlessly. - Set up a Client Portal, complete with quoting, ordering, implementation, and managed services functionalities. - Finally, we'd sell, report, learn, and grow - all within a cohesive and rapid cycle.
2. **Baseline Platform, Integration, and Leveragability Strategies:**
Our platform's core is our suite of products, which are the driving force behind our functions, workflows, and overall user experience. They dictate what we monitor, alert on, remediate, and report on. In our ecosystem, various lifecycles define our processes and relationships. For instance: - The Business Lifecycle guides us through phases from Early Struggle to Predictable Success. - The Product Lifecycle takes us from Discovery to Retirement. - The Product Instance Lifecycle involves quoting, ordering, implementation, active service, and decommissioning. - Relationship Lifecycles, applicable to clients, vendors, or team members, encompass stages like Prospecting, Onboarding, Growing, and Offboarding. - Process Lifecycles, underpinning every operation, dictate workflows, including Professional Services such as Quoting, Installation, and MACD, or Relationship processes like Onboarding.
3. **Creating a Shared Understanding of Value:**
Our platform is not just a set of tools; it's a transformational force that will drive efficiency, productivity, and growth. Through streamlined processes, swift decision-making, and a unified vision, we will save valuable time and resources. We will foster an environment where every team, from Early Struggle to Predictable Success, can thrive and evolve rapidly. This shared understanding of value lies at the heart of our journey.
4. **Generating Interest and Commitment:**
Today, I invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us. It's not just about technology; it's about shaping our future. It's about co-creating a shared vision and roadmap for each Business Unit and application with its leadership. It's about empowering our teams to dream big and realize those dreams.
5. **Kickstarting High-Trust Relationships:**
This journey is not one we can take alone. It's about building high-trust relationships with our stakeholders—relationships that empower our Enablement Team to prioritize work based on the App Vision for each Business Unit. Together, we can make this vision a reality.
In conclusion, our CCR Platform is not just a set of tools; it's a revolution in the making. It's a journey that will transform our company and how we deliver value to our clients. Let us commit ourselves to this vision, work hand in hand to co-create the roadmap, and cultivate the high-trust relationships that will propel us into the future.
Thank you for your attention, and let's embark on this remarkable journey together.

ChatGPT Version B:

Ladies and gentlemen of the CCR Executive Leadership Team,
Today, I invite you to embark on a journey of innovation and transformation, a journey that will redefine the way we perceive custom software at CCR. Our purpose here is to establish an overarching vision, a vision that will shape our future, and the future of our Family of Companies (FOC). This vision is not merely a dream but a tangible goal: to streamline, integrate, and leverage our capabilities in a way that allows us to adapt swiftly to emerging markets, respond to client needs with unmatched agility, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.
Vision for the CCR Platform
Imagine a world where seizing a new market opportunity is not a drawn-out process but a matter of weeks. Picture this: identifying a new market, assembling the necessary team, and launching a fully-fledged Business Unit complete with an intuitive Admin Tool space, a Client Portal, and a suite of sellable products, all within three weeks. Our vision for the CCR Platform is to make this scenario a reality.
Let me break it down:
Identify a new Market → stand up a new BU in 3 weeks: With our platform, we aim to compress the timeline from market identification to Business Unit inception.
Assemble the team: Easily bring together the right people with the right skills, all within the platform.
Spin up an Admin space: Quickly configure the workspace with product details, product codes, and milestones.
Configure workflows/processes: Define and implement streamlined workflows and processes that enable efficient operations.
Spin up a new Client Portal: Provide clients with a seamless experience, from quoting and ordering to managing services and incidents.
Sell, Report, Learn, Grow: A platform that not only facilitates sales but also captures data for continuous learning and growth.
The Core of Our Platform
At the heart of this transformation lie our products. They are the backbone of our functions, workflows, and user experience. Our products determine what we monitor, what we alert on, what we remediate, and what we report on. But our products are not static; they have lifecycles, much like everything else in our ecosystem.
Here are some examples:
Business Lifecycle: Progressing through stages from Early Struggle to Predictable Success, our platform adapts to the evolving needs of our business units.
Product Development Lifecycle: Our platform supports products from Discovery to Retirement, ensuring seamless transitions.
Product Instance Lifecycle: Whether it's quoting, ordering, implementation, or active service, our platform streamlines each step.
Relationship Lifecycle: Our platform facilitates relationships with clients, vendors, and team members, guiding us from prospecting to strategic partnership and beyond.
Process Lifecycles: Every process, be it professional services like quoting or relationship processes like onboarding, is optimized for efficiency and effectiveness.
What we're presenting today is not just a vision; it's a roadmap to a new era of adaptability, efficiency, and growth. We are here to create a shared understanding of the immense value these strategies hold for the CCR FOC.
But, beyond understanding, we seek commitment. We're eager to co-create this vision and roadmap for each Business Unit and application with its leadership. This collaborative approach will be the bedrock of our success.
In closing, our aim is to kickstart high-trust relationships with our stakeholders. These relationships will empower the Enablement Team to prioritize work based on the App Vision for each BU. Our success will hinge on the partnerships we build, the commitment we foster, and the unwavering dedication to our vision.
Today, let us embark on this journey together, for a future where agility, innovation, and growth define CCR's legacy.
Thank you.
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