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Business Partner Framework

Kickoff Meeting: 4/11/2023



Encouraging collaboration & fostering feedback
Supporting team members who are overwhelmed & don’t make projects a priority
Being brought in early in the process
Being proactive
Balancing priorities
Working with different personalities and communication styles
Get out what you put in

What Value would that bring to the business?

Alignment / delivering what they want
They know what to solve, but not how to solve it or what their option are.
Navigate to the root of the problem, rather than band-aid fixes.
Clarity in communication
Reduction of rework, more time to focus on value-add initiatives
Achieve results faster
Consensus before action
Transformative ideas through co-creation

What benefit would it bring to you as people?

increase productivity
people connected to true needs
inspired & creative
more engaged throughout

Alignment Workshop 4/27/2023

CCR Media

Current Priorities
Neilsen is launching their new product & will require support
Revenue concentration
New leads & landing clients
Ramping up Business Development Engine
NAB Leads
Expanding non-Nielsen clients
Focus on Products
New technologies & partners
Sales playbook/price sheet
Functionality of products - standardizing
Product marketing
Challenges within the market, making sure we’re not making it obvious that we’re inside Nielsen’s product based on how we describe what we do.
SOC2 Compliance
Five Minute State-of-the-business
NOC metrics
International expansion - time to sign is unpredictable
Timing of signed agreements could overlap & create tensions within priorities
Resources - short on man-power
Lack of consistency in the way solutions are implemented - nobody wants the EXACT same solution delivered in the exact same way
Spin up Userback for Nielsen
How can we effectively collect and respond to feedback/requests on our applications?
Enhance Implementation Experience in M360
Improve how ProSrv communicates with clients when implementing service.


More quotes
Integrating with clients & making it easy for them to request quotes
More accurate pricing, faster
Internal processes formalized & documented to support fast growth
What keeps you up at night?
Pressure to deliver soon
Market value - positioning ourselves appropriately
Threading the margin needle
Communication & connection across CCR
Decoms & MTM agreements
Enablement has helped by providing data about which agreements
Everything we’re already working on 😄


Revenue Growth
PrivateLTE product & other new technologies
Account growth strategies
Strategic Account Management Profile vs Hubspot
Account strategy in SAMP
Structure & Process
Reporting to drive decision-making
What keeps you up at night?
Speed to market adoption
Unpredictable timing within industry - project delays outside of our control
Client Communication
NOC communications - people & systems
SAMP Enhancements


Merger with Sandwire
Cultural alignment
Business Growth
New Logos
Partnership with CyberSells
Sales Operations
Product Pricing Alignment
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