Raid review

Review summary:

Raid review including:
Attendance review
Performance review
Guild contribution

Attendance review

: join raid all raid night and finish raid
: join raid all raid night but leave early or late (different timezone will be exempt)
: absent one or more raid night (show absence in signup will be exempt)
Lack of attendance
: absent all raid night or more than 2 absence in signup fortnightly, not show absence or not signup

Performance review

Raid performance review will be done every week on Sunday night.
We will have a council vote for every reset, every council member can have a vote for raider who is not qualified or less performance in his opinion.
Every council can vote:
One or more raider with less performance
One or more raider with better performance
Any concern about raid

Vote will be anonymous and result will be public to all raiders.

For the most voted as less performed raider, we will consider to swap to Fortuna for practicing more.
For the most voted as better performed raider, we will consider to let them join progression team or have higher prios on looting

Guild contribution

Guild contribution will including but not limited to:
help guildie in game e.g. summon, buff, quest, crafting.
good guild reputation.
happy to pass gear to those who really need it.
alt attendance in Fortuna

Council member:

If you want to apply to be a council member, please contact Blink/Otherguy in game or discord
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